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Shia College is one of the premier institutions spreading the light of learning and knowledge to a large number of students under the management and control of the Board of Trustees of Shia College and Allied Institutions. Following the traditions of Islam, as practised by its Prophet and his successor, the College has served all the communities without discrimination, maintaining high standards of secularism and patriotism from its very inception.

The oval shaped College Emblem carries as its motto the Hadith of the Prophet of Islam “I am the city of learning and Ali is its gate,” a pen and a book with rays emanating from it signifying the spread of light and learning, a sword signifying a fearless struggle and war against tyranny, oppression, evil and darkness. The name of the College is at the bottom of the emblem.

The faculty members, as well as the Students and other employees
have always been a true reflection of our composite culture.They have contributed their best towards the development and progress of the College and the Nation. Some of the faculty members hold the
distinction of being honoured for their academic work.

The infrastructure of the Teaching Faculties of the College consists of Post-Graduate classes in Science, Commerce and Arts, Degree classes
in the Faculties of Science, Arts, Law and Commerce, an Arabic College imparting Moral Education, Advanced Theology, Theological Research and an Intermediate College with teaching facilities in Arts, Science and Commerce.

The College Building consists of two teaching campuses viz, Sitapur Road Campus and Tulsidas Marg (Victoria Street) Campus besides a
separate hostel for boys at Sitapur Road. The College has well equipped laboratories, two Central Libraries (one at Sitapur Road Campus and the other one at Victoria Street Campus) and Departmental Libraries having a large collection of books and journals including many rare ones.

The libraries subscribe to a number of newspapers, magazines and
academic journals. A mechanical and electronics workshop in Physics Department, impressive museums in Anthropology. Botany and Zoology Departments, a Botanical Garden growing rare-species of plants, two Computer Centres with several computer terminals, a gymnasium and a newly constructed “Syed Ali Zaheer Sports Ground” of international standard are some of the special features of the College.

The Khateebul Iman Hall and the Saeedul Millat Hall are two big
halls of the College at two campuses, respectively. The Syed Ali Zaheer Seminar Hall though small is a well equipped Seminar Hall catering to the academic needs of the College. The office of the Board of Trustees and the Managing Committee is situated at the Sitapur Road Campus
of the College.

The Extra-Curricular activities of the students are also well looked after. The College aims at providing all possible facilities to the students which are essential for their healthy academic growth. The high standards of games and sports have produced several sportsmen of national and international level. There are five units of National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) working effectively and efficiently in the College.

The Scheme was launched in 1969 by the Ministry of Education and Youth Welfare, Government of India, for undergraduate students to give practical training in Social Service and to familiarize them with the needs and problems of the society. The College has Army and Naval Wings of National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.).

The College publishes a research journal “Law Review” (published by
the Faculty of Law of the College). Apart from this the College also
publishes Technical Reports of various National and International
seminars, researches and other academic projects and collections of research papers.

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